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Behind CAVOFIT stands a small team of enthusiastic tournament and recreational riders from Austria and Germany who are always trying to get the best out of their horses. We constantly question and improve the attitude of our animals and the well-being of the horses is our priority.

Also part of this team are nutritional therapists (for humans) who actually help people improve their diet.


A few years ago we started to apply our knowledge, which we acquired in working with (human ....) top athletes, to horses. In principle, cell physiology works the same way in all mammals - of course, this must be adapted to the digestion and metabolism of the horses. It was a small, private trial at first, and the first CAVOFIT food samples were made in our own kitchen. Fortunately, the first attempts were fortunately successful, and over time, over many months, we further improved and perfected the formula and composition of CAVOFIT Muscle Mash. When the first CAVOFIT horses were repeatedly addressed on good muscles at tournaments after a few weeks and that of people who knew nothing about our little self-attempts, we knew that we were on the right track. Gradually, however, more and more people have approached us on the good muscling of our horses and stable colleagues became curious about what we "always feed there" - so, as always, more and more requests for our muscle mash and eventually there was so much, that we have decided to do it professionally on a larger scale and for the public.


It was not just about making the effect as optimal as possible (based on scientific studies!), But it was also important to us that the handling (no boiling or boiling water during soaking, a short soak time, etc.) is as simple as possible and that it - even without artificial flavors and additives - the horses taste! Luckily we had in our first, own test group a very delicate gelding, who also likes to leave the most beautiful mash in his hair if he does not like it.

Therefore, we can now say out of conviction that horses love our CAVOFIT Muscle Mash - and WE make horses muscles!


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