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CAVOFIT Muscle Mash is a muscle building supplement for horses, which aims to make each workout more effective.

It was specifically developed - in contrast to other muscle building agents - to stop muscle less, which naturally occurs after training and to supply exactly those nutrients, which the muscle cells need for growth.

A great side effect: Horses love CAVOFIT Muscle Mash and that makes it the perfect after exercise reward.

​What distinguishes CAVOFIT Muscle Mash from other muscle-building products?


CAVOFIT Muscle  Mash is specifically designed to arrest muscle breakdown which occurs after every workout and to provide the nutrients muscles need for growth at precisely the right moment.

Unlike other muscle building products designed for horses, CAVOFIT Muscle Mash wasn`t put together so that we just give the horse "more protein" at any arbitrary point in time.

Protein even if it is fed to the horse at the best moment does not necessarily get the nutrients to where they ate needed - namely into the muscle cells.


The special composition of CAVOFIT Muscle Mash is designed to make the nutrients available to the muscle cells precisely when they are needed and when they can be best absorbed without overloading.


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Feeding recommendation:


Mix 1-2 measuring cups of CAVOFIT Muscle Mash with cold or warm water and let it soak briefly.

Important: It is best to feed CAVOFIT Muscle Mash preferably immediately but no later than 40 minutes after training!

Large Horses (ca 600 kg) – 2 measuring cups (after work)
Small horse (ca 400 kg) – 1,5 measuring cups (akter work)
Pony (250 kg) – 1 measuring cup 


Cavofit Muscle Mash will also be prepared before the training session and after the work you can feed it.
Please don´t mix it with other feed supplement for horses.



crushed oats, wheat bran, linseed extract, microalgae powder,

sugar beet pulp, puffed corn, wheat flakes, flaxseed,

L-lysin monohydrochloride, DL- methionine


Rohprotein    18,6%

Rohfett          3,5%

Rohfaser        4,6%

Rohasche       7,9%

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