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Frequently ask questions:


Using Cavofit Muscle Mash is easy and straightforward - and because CAVOFIT Muscle Mash is loved by both riders and horses, there are no questions left - if you've tried it. But who is new here, maybe has one or the other question - and we have tried to answer here. If there are any other questions - just send us an email! We look forward to hearing from you!

Why can you feed CAVOFIT Muscle Mash only after the  training?


Unlike other muscle building products for horses, CAVOFIT Muscle Mash is designed so that we do not simply provide the horse with "more protein" at some arbitrary time, but optimize it so that the muscle cell receives the nutrients just when they absorb them.

The composition of CAVOFIT Muscle Mash ensures that the cell can absorb it just as well "only protein", even fed at a more optimal time, does not mean that the nutrients get to where you want them, namely in the muscle cell.

Only the special composition of CAVOFIT Muscle Mash allows the nutrients to be targeted into the cell without polluting the rest of the organism. In fact, too much protein can quickly become problematic in horses, which is why you should make sure with additional protein inputs that it is processed immediately and specifically in the cell.

What few people know: after each workout (which also applies to humans, by the way), muscles are first broken down before they are built up. In normal muscle building, you first have to make up for a small loss before you go to the new, additional structure. By stopping or minimizing this muscle breakdown (catabolismus), you can make every workout more effective without having to work harder or harder. That's exactly what CAVOFIT Muscle Mash is optimized for.

Therefore, even recreational riders who can not work their horse every day can get a reasonably muscled horse without having to do any extra training. For sports riders, of course, it makes every workout much more effective. That's why it's so important to feed CAVOFIT Muscle Mash immediately after training, because the cell can absorb the nutrients best and the composition of CAVOFIT Muscle Mash has been optimized for it.





Does my horse need more muscle mass?


A horse is not intended by nature carry a rider on its back that much is obvious. To stay strong and healthy into old age and to be able to carry the additional weight of a rider, the horse must have a strong and adequate musculature.

CAVOFIT Muscle Mash contributes to the preparation of competition horses for the season by helping to give them the strength and ability to concentrate needed for long competitions weekends - especially, when they have several event per day.

CAVOFIT Muscle Mash also helps horses just used for normal recreational riding, which don`t have the additional demands of competitions because all horses which are ridden need a sufficient musculature for long-term health.

The musculature that a horse develops while being at pasture and running free is not what it need to carry a rider - that is why it is important to develop your horse`s muscles correctly.

Often it is not really practical to train your horse on a daily basis.

And that is where CAVOFIT Muscle Mash comes in: visible progress can be achieved even with just a few workouts a week because with CAVOFIT Muscle Mash every workout is much more effective.



Can CAVOFIT Muscle Mash interfere with my horse? Can it affect the temperament negatively?


We've developed CAVOFIT Muscle Mash for several years and tested it on many different horses (from robust horses to thoroughbreds, riding ponies to large warm-blooded animals, tournament and recreational horses) before it hit the market, and did not see a single negative reaction - that was Not to be expected, because CAVOFIT Muscle Mash consists of all-natural ingredients that are also used in horse nutrition and doping-free and GMO-free (which, by the way, many other supplementary feed for horses are not).

Since all of CAVOFIT's team members are horse owners themselves, we have developed a product that is in line with what we would like for our horses, and have made no compromises in terms of quality. Not only did we not have a single negative reaction, but on the contrary some surprising "side effects" that would not have been expected like that. For example, CAVOFIT Muscle Mash has a very positive effect on the temperament of many horses.

While other concentrated feeds may push some horses, especially those who have a lot of "blood", and have a negative effect on their temperaments, CAVOFIT Muscle Mash seems to help the horses to be more balanced and to help them feel more relaxed in previously stressful situations deal with it. Why this is so, we explain in detail in our free e-book.

Significant and positive changes are usually visible after a few weeks. However , experience shows that the positive effect increases more and more over time and the disposition and musculature of the horse continue to improve.



Is CAVOFIT Muscle Mash doping free?


Yes, of course, CAVOFIT Muscle Mash is not only doping-free but also (unlike many other supplementary feeds for horses!) GMO-free. As mentioned above: we are all horse owners and would only sell one product, that we also give our own horses every day in good conscience.



CAVOFIT Muscle Mash contains sugar. Is not that harmful?


It is true that sugar is harmful to horses, as their body is not designed to deal with large blood sugar fluctuations. We think that there is one exception: sugar is the "gas" of the muscle cell and the small memory that every muscle cell has is reduced or emptied during training. Replenish this memory is not only useful, but plays an essential role in muscle building. That's why we think - and experience has confirmed - that readily available carbohydrates such as starchy cereal or sugar beet molasses fed at the right moment are not harmful, but can even be helpful. This is another reason why we do not recommend CAVOFIT Muscle Mash "just in between" to feed, but only after training!



Can I still feed my horse with concentrated feed and mineral mix?


Of course, you should continue to feed your horse with concentrated feed. (if it always got one)

CAVOFIT Muscle Mash is a supplement for your horse and should be fed 40 minutes after the training session. For this, please give the CAVOFIT Muscle Mash in the Mash bowl or in the trough without additional food. Also do not add carrots or apples, as the formula is exactly tuned for muscle growth! If your horse does not know mash at all, we recommend adding less water to the first few servings.

You will see that your horse will enjoy the CAVOFIT Muscle Mash after every training session and will love this delicious meal like our CAVOFIT horses!


Which payment methods do you accept in the webshop?


You can pay via Paypal (by credit card or Paypal account). Of course there is also the possibility of advance transfer to the account. Simply send an e-mail to with the order (we will send you the account details). As soon as the money is in our account, you get your goods!


What about returns? Can I cancel my order?

Of course. If the order has not yet been sent, just send a short email to and we will cancel your order and refund you the money. If the delivery has already arrived to you or arrived at your place, then you can return the unopened bucket (ATTENTION: please understand that we can only accept original and unopened buckets) within 14 days of receipt.

Please send the bucket to Cavofit e.U., Hamet 9, A-8083 St. Stefan im Rosental and we will refund the full amount to you immediately.

The exact guidelines for the return of the goods can be found in our terms and conditions.


At what age may my horse be fed CAVOFIT Muscle Mash?


Once your horse is lined up and worked, you can feed CAVOFIT Muscle Mash!


Where Can You Buy CAVOFIT Muscle Mash?


You can buy CAVOFIT Muscle Mash here in the webshop or at selected retailers.

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